Monday, November 4, 2013

Newest Issue of Captured Words/Free Thoughts

Working under the assumption that reducing crime and reclaiming our neighborhoods depends in part on enabling a generation of abandoned Americans to experience different modes of citizenship, self-reflection, and personal expression, Captured Words/Free Thoughts aspires to empower its contributors and enlighten its readers. To fulfill these goals, Captured Words/Free Thoughts offers testimony from America’s prisons and prison-impacted communities. This issue includes poems, stories, letters, essays, and art made by men and women incarcerated or formerly incarcerated in Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, and Texas. To expand the scope of our project, we also include works made by folks on the “free” side of the prison walls (in Colorado, Florida, Oregon, and Texas) who have been impacted by crime, violence, and the prison industrial-complex.

Check it out!


Ivan Pylat said...

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layciegrace said...

Inspiring literature comes in different forms and sources. It is a noble thing that you are doing, publishing written words from those incarcerated, past and present, and those who are in close proximity. They have a depth that sprung from being cut off from society that is wrenching and sharp and grim. - Layce, one of many experienced Australian writers.

Олег Кієнко said...

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Mary Willkinson said...
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Mary Willkinson said...

I have never seen a project similar to this. I think it can have great social value. People with difficult experiences of life can share their story to warn others and allow all around to understand them. This is really important because most people build a wall between them and closing the path to understanding. - Mary from the best team of professional writers

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