Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marc Mauer of Sentencing Project at NCA 2013!!!

The Sentencing Project, PCARE, and “Communication Activism” for Social Justice

Sponsor: Connections to the Community
Fri, 11/22: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Marriott Wardman Park
Room: Marriott Salon 3 - Lobby Level

Since its founding in 1986, The Sentencing Project has become one of the nation's most successful social justice advocacy groups. Directed by Marc Mauer, the Sentencing Project has produced a world-class website, dozens of books, annual reports, and hundreds of topical brochures touching upon crime rates, arrest patterns, the Drug War, prison conditions, and a kaleidoscopic range of other topics addressing what scholars call the prison-industrial complex. The Sentencing Project has become so respected that when the U.S. Congress holds hearings on these issues, Mauer is the person they ask to speak; when the New York Times writes stories on such issues, Mauer is the expert they call; when CNN and MSNBC do features on prison-related concerns, Mauer is the leading voice they turn to. As the Director of The Sentencing Project, Marc Mauer therefore enacts many of the best practices of what Communication scholars call "communication activism."

Since its founding in 2005, PCARE-the Prison Communication, Activism, Research, and Education collective-has gathered together NCA-based scholars, teachers, artists, and activists in an effort to bring critical teaching and analyses of the prison-industrial complex into the heart of our discipline. PCARE has collectively authored two peer-reviewed journal articles and one book, PCARE's members have written dozens of articles and a handful of books, and PCARE supporters have hosted dozens of conference sessions, launched two websites, and offered undergraduate and graduate classes on different aspects of the prison-industrial complex.

This "Connections" panel will therefore bring together the NCA's PCARE group and The Sentencing Project for a working session wherein Mauer will talk with the members of PCARE about how to incorporate better communication strategies into their activism and advocacy. This session will hopefully be the first step in forming a PCARE/Sentencing Project partnership that can help push teaching, scholarship, and advocacy about prison issues in new directions.

Stephen J. Hartnett, University of Colorado, Denver - Contact Me

Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project - Contact Me

Connections to the Community


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