Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The War on Drugs & Rising Incarceration Rates

CNN's Fareed Zakaria & religious right's Pat Robertson on the same page on something... their view on the rise of incarceration in the US.

In in a recent CNN segment, Zakaria talks about how the "war on drugs" that was birthed in the 1980s seems to correlate with the striking increase in the US prison population. The comparative statistics in this clip are startling:

"In the past two decades, the money that states spend on prisons has risen at six times the rate of spending on higher education. In 2011, California spent $9.6 billion on prisons, versus $5.7 billion on higher education. Since 1980, California has built one college campus; it's built 21 prisons. The state spends $8,667 per student per year. It spends about $50,000 per inmate per year."

You can watch/read the whole story here.

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