Monday, May 9, 2011

Educating Against the PIC

I want to take a moment to draw your attention to an impressive group of activists, scholars, and educators fighting against the injustices of US's carceral system.

The Chicago PIC Teaching Collective ( is working to spread knowledge of the Prison Industrial Complex more widely, and creating very helpful resources for educating folks about the crisis of prisons. Sharing information about how the system and its institutions function is a crucial step in exposing prisons as problems and this Collective's tools for outreach and illumination are a valuable part of that project.

The Chicago PIC Teaching Collective has just debuted a zine-- available for (free) download as a pdf on their website-- called "The PIC Is." Designed and illustrated by Billy Dee, the zine is being underwritten in part by the Jane Addams Hull House Museum. Take a look here:

I encourage you to visit their site, browse their resources, and find a way to use this zine in your prison-related teaching. The work that the Chicago PIC Teaching Collective has undertaken is important and inspiring- please support them in any way you can!